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Codezero Hypervisor adds Cortex-A15 support, December 3, 2012

B Labs hypervisor for ARM processors, now adds Cortex-A15 support, featuring full virtualization of Linux kernel binaries. This is exciting for automotive and embedded systems, as now it is possible to have multicore Android OS and baremetal/real-time software, in their…

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Dual Operating System Phone powered by Codezero Hypervisor, September 13, 2012

B LABS recently demonstrated Codezero Embedded Hypervisor running two Android instances on the Galaxy Nexus. The demo is a state of the art example of the dual operating system phone concept. Watch the demo

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Who We Are

B Labs has been developing ARMv7 virtualization software since 2008. Our expertise spans a vast technical domain from Android, Linux kernel down to the processor level. We have a sense of product design and we solve hard problems.

B LABS team has two strengths; deep expertise of the ARM embedded space, and a nimble, entrepreneurial approach to embedded virtualization.

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